Since 1845, natural spring water has been bottled and enjoyed by consumers across Maine and throughout the northeast. Our team is proud of the fact that today Poland Spring is the #1-selling spring water brand in the country. As we have done for more than 170 years, we continue to explore options to sustainably expand our business and investment in Maine.

That expansion will include additional spring sites, likely in western Maine, where there is an abundance of renewable, natural spring water. This part of the state is also strategically located near our bottling plants in Hollis and Poland.

Finding a spring site

Finding sustainable spring water sources is a core mission for Poland Spring. Our team of hydrogeologists spends a lot of time out in nature testing and monitoring new spring sources to evaluate the quantity, quality and chemistry of the water, as well as its flow. Poland Spring hydrogeologists are continuously researching potential spring sources in the state, though few have the characteristics to be evaluated in earnest.

Exploring Growth in Rumford, ME

To learn more about our exploration in Rumford, please click here.