Since 1845, Poland Spring ® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has been bottled and enjoyed by consumers across Maine and throughout the northeast. Poland Spring is proud that its bottled water is the #1-selling spring water brand in the country. As consumer demand continues to grow, we are actively exploring our options to sustainably meet that demand through expansion and increased investment in Maine.

That expansion includes identifying additional spring sources and a future location for a fourth bottling facility in Maine at a location TBD, with a particular focus in Western Maine and, more recently, in the Penobscot River Valley.

Through a collaborative and transparent process, we hope to identify areas in which to expand our operations and deliver new jobs, revenue, community benefits and responsible water resource management.

Finding a spring site

Our hydrogeologists, natural resource managers, civil and environmental engineers, and logistics experts continuously research potential spring sources in the state, though few springs have the characteristics to be evaluated in earnest. The team is considering many factors in this effort – with water quality and quantity as our highest priorities.

As with all of our water sources, we only choose those that can meet Poland Spring’s high quality standards and Maine’s exacting groundwater regulations. Earnest evaluation of a potential spring source, which can take up to a year, occurs only with permission from the landowner.

If we identify a potential spring source in a town or determine a desirable location for a new bottling facility, we will initiate a process to study the spring, and, if acceptable to our scientists, obtain the local and regulatory approvals needed.  We will, of course, also collect public input on desirable community benefits that we can offer to the local community.

We believe in an open, transparent process and in supporting communities where we operate.  We look forward to investing in jobs and the local economy, and to building new relationships to benefit residents of new communities.

Exploring Growth in Rumford, ME

To learn more about our exploration in Rumford, please click here.