Setting A Course for Trash-free Waterways

By: Debora Fillis Ryba 13 October 2014

All manner of material is accumulating in the ocean creating gyres of marine debris.  Individuals and organizations around the globe h

Nestlé Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water Debut!

By: Gigi Leporati 10 September 2014

Are you, a family member or friend working to make the switch from soda and sugary beverages to beverages with less calories and sugar? You’re not alone in making this transition.

A Vote of Confidence for Label Transparency

By: Brian Flaherty 31 July 2014

Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) believes that people have a right to know where their water comes from and what’s in it – and they should be able

Nestlé Waters’ Journey Toward Zero Waste

By: Heidi Paul 30 July 2014

Adopting a zero-waste mindset in business can pave the way for both environmental and financial wins.

Healthy Hydration with Zephyrhills

By: Carissa Bealert 30 June 2014

"Last week I was given the great opportunity to learn more about Florida's natural resources and our delicious source of bottled water, Zephyrhills.  If you're a Floridian then you are no doubt fam

Take 2: “Take the Nestea Plunge”

By: John Zupo 17 June 2014

I’m excited to share that Nestea® officially announced the revival of the brand’s iconic “Nestea Plunge” with a new advertising campaign.

Quick Tips: Working Toward Zero Waste

By: Heidi Paul 02 June 2014

"Adopting a zero-waste mindset in your business will pave the way for both environmental and financial wins. But how do you create a program that balances sustainability and consumer satisfaction?

Racing to Change

By: Cameron Lorrain 23 May 2014

I knew I had to make a change.

Waterkeeper Alliance’s Ongoing Partnership with Nestlé Waters North America

By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 19 May 2014

Did you know there’s an organization that’s solely dedicated to the principle that people have the right to fishable, drinkable and/or swimmable water?