A Journey to Remember

By: Mike Lachance 23 December 2013

Rethinking Bans: Limiting Water Has Limited Effects

By: Brian Flaherty 16 December 2013

“How about a drink of water?” Depending where you are right now, chances are there’s a water cooler, a fountain, bottle, or a faucet within reach.  You may also have a cup of coffee or tea s

The Ripple Effect

By: Rich Brockway 05 December 2013

Thanks for Giving, Alda

By: Delphine Fairley 22 November 2013

With her big smile, great stories and warm spirit, Alda Braccia walks around our office spreading her joy and laughter.

Bringing Water to Camp

By: Raymond Shedd 22 November 2013

Providing adaptive programs, state-of-the-art medical care, healthy nutrition, and supervision is central to what we do at The Hole in t

Working to Keep It Clean!

By: Arlene Anderson-Vincent 15 November 2013

What kinds of things can you find in one of the most popular rivers in western central Michigan? You can find great fishing, boating, and swimming, and unfortunately, way too much garbage.

Going the Extra Mile

By: Nicholas Gaeta 08 November 2013

The New York City Marathon is an elite, highly anticipated sporting event that draws throngs of athletes and spectators from around the world.  What tur

Raising Funds for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness

By: Hillary Fleming 31 October 2013

Unfortunately, we know all too well that breast cancer affects and is a concern for many of our consumers, employees, and retail partners.

Project Picnic Builds Community

By: Delphine Fairley 30 October 2013

What does a picnic table mean to you? For me, I see images of families gathered around for a barbeque, or children at the park taking a break from games. They say outdoors, fun and community.