22 Mar
Celebrating World Water Day Through Water Education Heather Hess

Today, people and companies around the world will take time to celebrate World Water Day.  While the event was launched by the United Nations in 1993 to start a global conversation about water, I think people are more concerned than ever about the issues facing us today. That’s why I’ve been very happy to work for a company, Nestlé Waters North America, that not only supports World Water Day, but thinks about, and carefully stewards, water every day. Today we get to share that passion with students around the country by hosting water festivals with our longtime partner Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)!

I started organizing our World Water Day festival here at our Stamford headquarters three years ago for several reasons: I’m a mother, so I really enjoy sharing my passion for learning with children; I love seeing the students’ reactions to the activities and because I learn something every year from them. Here’s an example: one of the activities we do is about recycling. When the children come into the room, they see trash spread all over the ground.  The first thing we tell them is to imagine it’s their yard or neighborhood or playground and what should they do? Pick it up! They collect the trash and put it in a can. Then we take it out and ask them to sort it by type and talk about each – can it be recycled, composted, or can it be reused? Their ideas are so creative and inspiring. We often get responses back from the schools telling us that the students have taken the learning from this activity and applied it to their own lives, both at school and at home. Helping them to make that connection is what makes these events so impactful.

Now take that result and multiply it. In the 25 years since Nestlé Waters has partnered with Project WET, we’ve helped to reach 250,000 children through their curriculum which is delivered in schools, their educational website discoverwater.org and festivals in communities like the one we are doing today. Over the years, thousands of employees from Nestlé companies around the world have marked World Water Day by participating in local events to help educate communities about sustainable water use and water stewardship. Together, we have helped educate more than 100,000 children as part of the World Water Day initiative alone.

Water is something I think about every day, and I’m proud to take part in activities like World Water Day that help focus the world’s attention on it. I encourage everyone to find opportunities to be water stewards every day.

Heather Hess
Heather is the Customs and Trade Compliance Manager for NWNA, and a passionate volunteer.


By: Heather Hess