10 Sep
Nestlé Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water Debut! Gigi Leporati

Are you, a family member or friend working to make the switch from soda and sugary beverages to beverages with less calories and sugar? You’re not alone in making this transition. According to Ipsos, a market research firm, more than one-third of U.S. consumers are cutting back on soda consumption, and many are doing so in order to decrease sugar and calorie intake. As the largest bottled water company in North America, we felt like we were uniquely positioned to come up with new products that would help people live healthier lifestyles by staying hydrated with water like Nestlé® Pure Life®. We know our products are among the most reputable you can drink, but we also realize that some people need a little more “excitement” in their water.  This has led to the introduction of Nestlé Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water, a line of unsweetened sparkling water with unique, bold and all-natural exotic fruit flavors.  No sweeteners. No calories.  No artificial colors. Our goal is to simply provide a sparkling water option with bold tropical fruit flavors, without asking you to sacrifice full flavor and bubbles. It is available in four varieties - Mango Peach Pineapple, Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Tangerine and Key Lime. Let me share my first experience trying Exotics Sparkling Water, Mango Peach Pineapple flavor.  As a self-described person with a sweet-tooth who eats two containers of fruit a day and loves fresh squeezed juices, I must admit I was a bit skeptical that an unsweetened, calorie free drink could satisfy my taste buds.  When I opened the can, I was pleasantly surprised. I was immediately drawn to the aromas of the natural fruit essences.  It reminded me of the juices and scents I’m used to when I cut open a ripe piece of fruit.  And much to my surprise, this sparkling water tasted great- flavorful with a subtle hint of sweetness from the infused exotic fruit essences. If you love sweets like me, try the Mango Peach Pineapple or Strawberry Dragon Fruit flavors.  Or, if you like things tangy, or are already a sparkling water drinker, try the Tangerine or Key Lime flavors.  You can grab a case of Exotics Sparkling Water at Target stores nationwide and some select grocery retailers. And when you do, send us a quick note below to share what you think. Cheers!   Gigi Leporati is the brand manager for Nestlé Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water.  At home and at work, she is passionate about eating healthy, enjoying all things natural, and preserving the environment around us.                              

By: Gigi Leporati