18 Nov
NYC Marathon - A Family Tradition Mimi Owen

When my parents ran the New York marathon together in 1980, they had no idea that they were starting a family tradition.  While I grew up hearing stories about their shared marathon, and my mother’s many other races, I was never quite sure running a marathon was something I wanted to do. But two weeks ago I completed my first marathon when I ran along with 50,000 others in New York City. Along with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law, my husband and one of my daughters were there to cheer me on. While I’ve been a runner for most of my life, I didn’t start competing at longer distances until a colleague of mine at Nestlé Waters North America encouraged me to run a local half marathon with her five years ago.  On the day of the race we were joined by our families, and that planted the seed that led me to this year’s marathon.Since then, I’ve run seven half marathons, some courtesy of complimentary entries made possible through work, since Nestlé Waters sponsors the New York, Boston and LA marathons, as well other marathons and half marathons in communities where we have operations. In July, one of my daughters and I ran our first race together, a “Four on the Fourth” event in Maine. One of the things that I love about running is that it gives me “quiet” time.  With my job, a busy family life and community activities, I am often juggling competing demands.  When I run, I can leave everything behind.  And even better, I often find upon completion of a run, that the resolution of some previously challenging issue is all of a sudden clear in my mind. After I finished the marathon, on the train ride home with my family, my daughter was enthusiastically recounting the events of the day.  I remarked that perhaps she had a marathon in her future.  She agreed.  The first step will be a shared half marathon next spring.  And so the family tradition will continue.  

By: Mimi Owen